Red Hook’s own, Kris Kasanova, throughout his career has consistently delivered mixtapes packed with substance, earning Kasanova quite the name for himself. His most recent released, Always Something EP just proves that the MC deserves the credit.

Always Something EP, is from top to bottom a slice of life starring Kasanova himself. From his duties as a father to the loss of loved ones to simply wanting things to go better, Kasanova nails many of the issues that we all face in a way that only he can. The title track, “Always Something,” puts not only the entire EP into perspective, acting almost as an overture to this slice of life piece, but also paints a unique picture of the man behind the music. We’re led deeper into Always Something EP, with songs like the reminiscent “Thinking About You,” an introspective catalog of the regrets left from a lost love, and the harrowing link-up with fellow HomeSkool rapper, Erick Lottary on “I Don’t Wanna Be Here.” Ultimately, the 5-song EP ends with the similar themes from the title track, on “Tryna Make It,” leaving nothing but a desire to hear more of Kasanova’s story.

This EP, is something special. Not only does it signify the growth of an artist on the rise, but it truly gives rhyme and reason (no pun intended) to an MC with a deep well of stories to tell. Give Always Something EP a listen for yourself below and be sure to keep your ears peeled for Kris Kasanova in the future.