The quality or condition of being dual is innate for some, and for others it is a learned characteristic. In any case, it is surely deemed necessary in this day and age due to us living in a world replete with variables, endless sounds, and ideas; to which we all react to and perceive differently. One should have the ability to be fluid in nature, yet steadfast in their beliefs. Ron Shaw, also known as pacmanADV, is an example of such a man. He is an artist and producer whom possess great talent, and a vision so refined that he’s been able to effortlessly bridge the gap between sound, vision, and intuition. The Atlanta, GA born musician started playing the trumpet at the age of four, which lead him to develop a love for the art form and continue to build a foundation towards a new world of possibilities and creativity. Mr. Shaw wants you to know that he has a purpose, and what he creates, in his opinion, is much larger than himself.

MindBonics introduces this distinguished gentleman, whom shares his story in a compelling interview that is sure to awaken the spark of creativity that lies within each and every one of us.

What influenced you to start producing? How did you learn that you posses that talent?
I have been playing the trumpet since the 4th grade but I never took it too serious then. Then my friend Shavarez told me about FL studio and I went and downloaded the demo around the 9th grade. I was instantly hooked by the art of creation from that point on. At first my beats were shitty like most people who just started. There were some really good ones here and there but I didn’t begin to make a noticeable progress until 10th grade. And once I got in the Jazz band at my high school and took my musicianship more seriously, my producing reflected that.

What makes your sound distinctive from other producers?
I think having a solid base in studying and performing Jazz has made me hear music differently. Also, the way I sample or what I choose to sample is a bit different from most. I rarely loop when I sample too. I like to chop my samples and change the pitch to give it a completely different feel. And my drum patterns are phrased somewhat like 12 bar Jazz Blues with each four beats being different. And I think because of the type of person I am, me being a bit esoteric and lucid in my thoughts, makes my music somewhat different from what you will hear in this culture.

What struggles have you came across so far while pursuing this career?
Money. Stress. Lost relationships. Getting over-looked. Faulty politics especially in regards to the internet. Lies. Bad Business. All of it really, and I’m still new to all of this. But it’s a part of the game and I knew it would all come before I got serious.

When it’s time to create, how do you transition from Ron Shaw to pacmanADV?
It usually depends on what the purpose of creation is for that time. When I’m with my friends and we are enjoying life, I will probably be inclined to make some smooth or hard-hitting jazz based trap shit. But when I’m in my own space separate from other people and I’m trying to make something I myself have never heard before. Or when I’m with Ché making music for The Innovators, pacmanADV comes along. pacmanADV makes more esoteric music, based on my own journey from being more ignorant to less ignorant. I say that because at the end of the day, we (those stuck in this realm) still don’t know anything. The more we know, the more we don’t know. True wisdom or absolute truth is truly unattainable. That’s the great part about the ADV. ALL DIMENSIONS VOIDED.

How has your spiritual journey helped you in this evil industry?
Focusing on ending my own suffering has helped me and hurt me. Naturally, I wish I could just make music for free and everyone else did the same for the love of the craft and the shared idea of the power of vibrations through organized noise. However, over time I have had to change how I move in this industry due to the fact that this is a business. Trying to turn something you love so much into a means of survival in society is a tricky task. But my faith in what my true purpose is and myself, has kept my focus strong. So I would say it has allowed me to be as understanding as possible, and given me strength to continue my journey and to continue believe in my team and myself.

What type of artist would you never work with?
Ehhhhh, ones who are phony. We all have our flaws but at least make honest music. And those who are just trying to take advantage of me.

What was your most recent unexpected accomplishment?
It’s not extremely recent, But in May, The Innovators, which is a music group composed of two entities CaveManChé and myself, got our song Syncopated Focus on The Source and Hypetrak. We were boosted cause The Innovators barely get any blog love from less known parties and we ended up on those sites.

What can we expect from Ron Shaw and pacmanADV in the near future?
Knowledge.Power.Healing.; which is The Innovators first official project in 2014. Land of ADV my project on meditation also being released in 2014. More work with Cheikh, Locke Kaushal, Key!, Curtis Williams, T Bruin, Chuuwee, Precise, EMK, Talibah Safiya, MoneyMakinNique, and hopefully some album placements with some other great artist. Also, a few short and medium length film scores, and hopefully the starting of my own business and TV placements.