Claiming your spot in an oversaturated industry requires severe drive and dedication. Doing so as a woman in this male-dominated field takes vast exertion. So how does someone take on such a task without over-sexualizing herself just to stand out? Well, we think Losa has the answers.

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, the self-proclaimed queen strategically moves through the rap game with pure confidence and raw emotion. She maneuvers as if she sees no obstacles in her way; and stays equipped with fire and flow that commands respect. Losa has her sights set on a career that will pave her path on an imperial rise to stardom.


Starting her journey in Atlanta, Georgia, Losa first discovered her prowess in the land where slurred words rule the radio stations and lean is the drink of choice. Losa’s southern roots enables her to effortlessly rap over syrupy trap beats in typical dirty south fashion, which helped shape her versatile style. Whether she’s flexing her luxurious taste on Sophisticated Ignorance, or showing her more Unruly savage side; Losa’s cocky stance displays her eminence to rank power. Not to be confused with arrogance. Losa has a warm personality, with a welcoming demeanor that is assisted by the effects of indulging in the finest of greenery at her disposal. But once the femcee steps to the mic, she serves lyrical content laced with equal parts of aggression and honesty that is bound to instantly seize the ears of her listeners.

So why should God save this queen whom already personifies supremacy in this realm? Because it’s only right that such rare inhibited talent be protected from the evils that lurk. For the value of a queen is infinite and deserves accolades for every sacrifice she makes to achieve greatness. Soon Losa will have countless loyal subjects flocking from all over the world, waiting to witness her regnant… Let the reign begin.


What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in music?
Before I decided to pursue a music career, I was already highly involved in music. I simply wasn’t an artist or thought that it was my path to take. But the moment the light bulb went off was the day I actually recorded the hook for my very first single ‘Problems’. 1st (of FKi) had called me into the studio to do a hook for him. When I heard my voice on the hook for the very first time ever, my whole life lit up.

What personal challenges have you faced? What changes would you like to see happen?
Personally, my challenge is learning how to be more of a people’s person, I used to really just not like people or to even talk to people in general before this drastic change in my life. I wouldn’t even necessarily call it a challenge.
As far as changes, I would like to see more good art be pushed, and less politics. But that will probably never happen.

What is the source of your relentless motivation?
The fact that I came from absolutely nothing, yet have seen and experienced (things in) life that’s inaccessible to most people is a huge motivation. It’s like, “Oh I experienced this, so now I want it!”
But more precisely, proving someone wrong is such an achieving feeling. The fact that people hate or doubt for no legit reason, pushes me even more harder than ever.

What is the one thing that is most important for you to keep while you’re on this journey to achieve your goals/dreams, and why?
I must keep God first under all circumstances; because you can’t ultimately succeed and it ends the way you want it to without putting God first.

What do you hope your impact on culture will be? What will be your legacy?
I hope my impact on culture is to (encourage people to) be themselves, and stay strong. Stay real, and be dope, no matter what people say or think about it. Only you can define yourself.
My legacy, will be my entire empire that I am building from the ground up. I don’t plan to only do music. I want to also pursue acting and become a super entrepreneur.


Words by: Antonio Moore
Creative Director: Crystal Cole
Art Director: Brittany Bowman Harris
Graffiti: Candice Drakeford
Photographer: Ari Skinner
MUA: Janelle Black