Finding out who you are is necessary for growth. With new acts flooding the internet daily hoping to be the next big thing, this fact holds true now more than ever. Like many artists just staring out, Sagan had to find herself in order to make music that mattered to her and her growing fan base. The Atlanta, Georgia songstress credits her passion and determination as keys to her journey toward creative self-discovery. Taking influences from 90’s old school R&B, Sagan found a way to make a name by melding together two competing forces within herself to create her own special sound.


On one end, Sagan is very much a go-getter. She has a relentless hustle that keeps her focus on the top at all times. Whether she’s singing about getting money, or a man; she sings with a sense of passion and urgency that is both refreshing yet familiar. As she rides over synthesized beats reminiscent of the old school sound that inspired her, she brings a hint of that nostalgic charm where attitude is everything. The hustler in Sagan wastes no time getting on with her business. Staying true to her Atlanta roots, her gritty lyrics threaten to pull up on anyone who dare try her rise. She layers her tough content with a southern sweetness that still lets you know that she plays no games. But like any artist, there are multiple parts to her story. She has a softer side that is every bit of innocent as it sounds. Her sincerity pours into the music as she reminisces over old flames that didn’t work out, dreams that never realized, and other turmoil she’s faced over her journey. Her pain echoes from a familiar place that listeners can identify with. She hums an open letter to her listeners taking them on a personal journey in hopes of making her vulnerability double as a message. By combining her personality and love for music, Sagan has curated a sound she can call her own. Her combination of harmonizing Atlanta trap with old school vibes saw her pave a new path where she feels comfortable in her own skin. But it was only though hard work and a little soul searching that she was able to find herself. Her personal growth is a model to her fans and the public that at the end of the day we are all growing and it is only through growth that we can be better.


Who is Sagan? What do want the world to know? What makes you standout from the rest?
I am Sagan! LOL. I’m an urban up and coming R&B artist. I stand out because I put that old school 90’s R&B feel to my music. I love 90’s R&B.

How did you discover your talent for singing and songwriting?
I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, but I began to do it professionally in 2004. I was actually grocery shopping and singing a song to myself and a guy heard me, whom just so happened to be a producer. He told that I had an amazing voice, and the conversation sparked from there. He had been working with an artist and invited me to the studio to do a feature, and I killed it. From that point on, I’ve been recording ever since. I absolutely love it.

What has been your greatest achievement since pursuing music? How has it shaped you?
My greatest achievement thus far has been having my very own concert. It was so dope. I performed with a live band and it was everything. It shaped me into a beast, really. Made me realize that I have to go hard and keep going because I want to perform and make music for the rest of my life.

What inspired the title of your EP?
Wildflower was inspired by life. It was a double entendre, meaning that wildflowers can grow whenever, wherever, in any weather. And from an artist standpoint, I’m growing as an artist and I ultimately found my sound. I simply grew. Musically, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

How would you like your music to impact culture?
I’d like my music to affect the culture by simply showing them that it’s ok to feel, it’s ok to love, & that it’s ok to be vulnerable or even hurt. Because with all of those aspects in life your destined to grow & you’re bound to be better.


Words by: Antonio Moore
Creative Director: Crystal Cole
Art Director: Brittany Bowman Harris
Photographer: Parker Sealy